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Anniversary reminds of earthquake danger to Oregon

Anniversary reminds of earthquake danger to Oregon

Monday marked the 315 year anniversary of the last major Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake to shake the Pacific Northwest. This anniversary has sparked awareness of the potential of another major earthquake shaking the area in the near future.

Emergency awareness is being encouraged as scientists believe that Oregon may be in the average window of time in which a massive, destructive earthquake could happen. This quake is likely to be a 9.0 or higher and would be caused by a rupture in the Cascadia Fault line, which runs from offshore British Columbia to Northern California. “A quake of this size will produce severe damage – buildings will be so damaged that restoring full utility service could take months to years,” said Althea Rizzo, Geologic Hazards Program Coordinator.

“Highways may be down and electricity out for days making it critical for you to have enough supplies to sustain yourself for weeks,” said Rizzo. New guidelines recommend having an emergency kit packed for at least two weeks, as opposed to the prior recommendation of three days.

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management has partnered with Dark Horse Comics to publish a comic book to spread awareness of what to do in the event of another earthquake. “Without Warning!” is a comic book about a Cascadia High School student trying to rescue her sister during a Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake.

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